Kutu: the Cat-mom

So when I left in December for my vacation in the U.S., we had 5 dogs at my house; Scooby, Negra, Fido, Chase, and Kutu. Scooby lives with the pigs, Negra chases the chickens, Chase a small, dachshund-sized white dog picks on Fido, the larger male dog with a crooked smile and submissive tendencies, and Kutu is the matriarch of the bunch.

Kutu is about 5 years old and she is the boss. Whenever strange people come to the house, she warns us of their presence with her strange yodel-yelping woofs. Whenever other dogs come nearby, she fearlessly runs out to scare them away and show who’s in charge. Whenever Negra comes into heat, Kutu snarls at her for bringing all the boys to the yard. Kutu is the boss, the “Alpha-female”, the Presidente, and all the household dogs know it.

Here’s the fierce beast curled up asleep inside a cubeta. Kutu means tailless in Quechua.

So call me surprised when I return to Perú to find out my family has gotten three kittens, and that mean, tough, dominating Kutu, has adopted them as if they were her own puppies. I didn’t believe it until I saw them huddled up sleeping together on several occasions. But the most unbelievable part is that not only does Kutu sleep with the kittens, she also suckles them. Perhaps Kutu has adopted the kittens and feeds them because she can’t have any puppies of her own, I’m not sure, but all I know is that every time I see the kittens suckling, my heart warms and I chuckle a little.

Live long & prosper, Kutu.

Until next time,