About Me


I’m Mark Goldy-Brown, part of your average family.  I got a dad, a mom, and two sisters.  And my dog Cody, we found him, or maybe he found us.  About me, I love adventures and I’ve been all over the world.  You see, I really love nature, and I took classes that let me explore it.

Ok, maybe I’m not that average, but between you and me, something amazing happened, and now I’m off to Peru for two years to serve with the Peace Corps.  It’s pretty cool, and not really a secret, and you know what?  Life will never be the same.

So all amazing 90’s television show references aside, I am a born-and-raised Pennsylvania kid who is off on a great adventure to Peru.  I love nature, hiking, soccer, running and most things outdoors, but I am also a huge nerd; don’t be surprised if you come across Pokemon/Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Superhero references all throughout my blog.  I graduated from Penn State in 2014 with a degree in Biology and I’m looking forward to using my love of nature, “insane science skills”, and other talents to get things done while having a lot of fun in my position as a Community-Based Environmental Education Volunteer in Peru.

Friends & Family, feel free to read On-The-Homefront (PDF), a Peace Corps document which gives a great outline of my life for the next 2 years or check out the Friends & Family Page on the Peace Corps website.



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