Martes de Música: “Combate”

Friendships can be forged or shattered here in Perú with one divisive question: Combate or EEG?

Combate & EEG
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Melodramatics aside, Perú has two incredibly popular and quite similar reality shows called Combate and Esto Es Guerra (This is war). These reality shows use a combination of athletic and intellectual competitions to pit two teams clad in bright, but small clothing against each other across several weeks, with the ultimate goal of crowning one of the teams a winner of the competition. Personally, I am a fan of Combate because that is the show my host-family from Lima would regularly watch, and when I say regularly, I mean regularly since it is aired every night, Monday through Friday, and sometimes on Saturdays.

A few of the Combate participants.Image from:

So why am I describing these shows to you all? Because these shows are staples for many families in Perú, and the show members are much more than just competitors, they become cherished icons and celebrities. One of the better-known Combatientes (Combate participants) is Mario Hart, who appeared on several seasons of Combate due to his popularity with the show’s fans. In fact, in his latest runs, he was even the Captain for his team, further demonstrating his popularity in the show. While he was revered for his competitive nature on the show, his popularity also helped him to launch a singing career, which had its start with the release of his catchy single, “Yo No Fui” (It wasn’t me) with two of his fellow Combatientes.

So, without further ado, I present to you “Yo No Fui” from Mario Hart.

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