Martes de Música

In an effort to be more consistent with my blog posts, I have decided to move forward with two daily themes each week, the first of which will be Martes de Música, or Music Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, I will post a different Peruvian song that I enjoy so that you all can learn more about Perú through its music.

Perú has a variety of different musical styles, but the first I’m going to highlight is Peruvian Cumbia, a musical style that arose from the blending of many different musical styles here in Perú such as huayno, rock, and Colombian cumbia. The style originated in the Amazon cities near the border with Colombia, but quickly became a thing of its own when it arrived in Lima in the 1960s, growing and changing with the influx of diverse peoples from all over Perú.

So, without further ado,  I present to you my favorite Cumbia song at the moment, “He Sentido Amor” (I’ve felt love) by Hermanos Amaya.


Hope you enjoyed the music, and stay tuned each week to get another taste of some Peruvian jams.



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