How do you make Taken 3 funny?

… You give Liam Neeson a jolly, middle-aged Spanish voiceover.

Since training ends around 5 each day, there is usually a lot of time to kill before dinner which is usually around 8 or 8:30.  So what do we do in this time?  We watch Spanish-dubbed movies, of course!  The first night, I watched the most recent Dragon Ball Z movie with my host brother and I was quite surprised with how well the Spanish dub captured Goku’s silly personality.  We also watched Los Vengadores (The Avengers), one of the Resident Evil movies, Taken 3 (obviously), and most recently Lucy (it’s a really weird movie).  You can essentially get any movie you want here, BlueRay or DVD, for only a few Soles (pronounced So-lays) from any of the various street vendors.

taken 3 spanish
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Additionally, each night this week we have been watching a sweet Peruvian singing competition called Yo Soy, where contestants compete to see who is the best impersonator.  Most of the contestants sing in Spanish, but there is one contestant who mostly sings English songs like Come Together.  The Grand Finale of the show is tonight, and my host dad hopes the contestant Sandro takes home the title.

In addition to watching movies, I found out that my host parents and older host brother have seen a lot of older American sitcoms, some of which I hadn’t even heard of before.  Some of the ones they mentioned were Paso a Paso (Step by Step), Salvado por la campana (Saved by the Bell), Matrimonio con hijos (Married with Kids), El Principe de Rap (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and my favorite, Tres por Tres, which somehow translates to Full House!

Full House
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At least for my family, even though I think this applies to many Peruvian families, movies and television seem to be a family activity, a way for everyone to bond.  I’m looking forward to watching more Spanish-dubbed films with my family and occasionally having to explain some English words as best as I can.



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